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7 small habits that steals your happiness which you need to give up NOW!


7 small habits that steals your happiness – Habits, good and bad alike, take time to develop but once they are deeply ingrained in your mind, it’s well nigh impossible to get rid of them or change them without a conscious effort. If the habit is good, such as always finding the positive side of a situation, then you don’t need changing it, but what about bad habits?


You might not even realise you have a habit that’s holding you back and preventing you from being as happy as you should be. Here are some habits of that variety that you may want to consider getting rid of, because they are not helping you in any way.

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1. Always waiting for the perfect moment/job/man/happiness, while missing real opportunities 

Thinking that the perfect job/man/happiness is just around the corner isn’t so bad, but there is a problem with this, and it is that you never get to turn this corner. The perfect job, man or happiness is a utopian concept, it’s not something that actually exists. If you focus constantly on it, waiting for this corner to appear in front of you already, you will miss an immeasurable number of chances to find a job that, although not entirely perfect, you might enjoy doing, or a man who, although not the embodiment of Prince Charming, is good-looking, funny and cares about you. Forget the perfect this or that, grab the opportunities that are in front of you right now.



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