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Dear men, these are the 5 common sex mistakes you make which always spoil the fun (Take Note)

The 5 common sex mistakes – It’s the third date, and you know what that means: time for sex! OK, not really (unless the world really does work like Sex and the City, in which case, kill yourself), but you’ll know when it’s that date.


5 common sex mistakes you make which always spoil the fun

The one that, rather than ending with a kiss on the cheek and a box of tissues, results in an invitation to her place for a nightcap (or an acceptance of yours). There simply isn’t an exact science to the game of love (or lovemaking, for that matter), but there are some obvious moves that will ensure she doesn’t want to see you ever again. So, if you really like this girl, or at the very least like slapping flappies with this girl, crack open a bottle (not a box) of wine, sit back and don’t do these things. And don’t call it “slapping flappies.”

1. Getting too intimate

When it comes to verbal seduction, less is more. You might think it’s what she wants to hear, but letting the conversation turn too sappy the first time you coax her back to your place gets awkward, fast. Don’t overdo the compliments—a simple, “You’re really gorgeous/hot/amazeballs,” will do it. Resist the urge to discuss your future together even if you’ve already staked out matching cemetery plots. Right now is the time to be the strong and silent type.

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