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How to stop your ex from contacting you – You need to see this!

How to stop your ex from contacting you: You may be over your ex, but is your ex still trying to convince you to get back together again? Use these 7 steps to keep your ex from contacting you for good.  After a breakup, it can be hard to resist the temptation to contact your ex. They’re just one Facebook post away from popping back into your mind and reminding you of the good old days.


How to stop your ex from contacting you

However, you can always find other ways to distract yourself and avoid sending that drunk text or making that drunk call or that “I miss you so much, let’s give it another shot” novella over Facebook.

The problem is, what if you’re the one who can resist, but your ex doesn’t have such a strong resolve.

Some people may not understand that situation, and they may tell you that you should be flattered to be getting all that attention. But getting unwanted texts, calls and messages from your ex isn’t always good for you.

The trouble with endless calls and texts from an ex

Just because you’ve broken up with your now-ex doesn’t mean you still don’t have a soft spot for them. As determined as you are, it’s always hard to constantly fend off a serenade of love and old memories, each time you talk to your ex over the phone.

What if you feel vulnerable at some point of time, and in that weak moment, the perfect message from your ex makes you come back to a toxic relationship all over again?

What if you want to rid your mind of your ex so you can start the process of healing? What if your ex is just downright annoying and can’t take a hint? In cases like this, you need a surefire way to get your ex to stop pestering you.

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