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10 best compliments to give women..

Best compliments to give women: What woman does not like to hear something nice about herself! But there are several times when a guy might think twice before paying compliments to a woman for fear of sounding insincere, patronizing or even downright offensive. Here are a few ideas on the best compliments to pay which are sure to melt any woman’s heart and give you that extra edge over other men.


  1. “Wow, that looks good on you”.The secret in paying the perfect compliment to a woman is to be specific. You may not be a guy who is a keen follower of the fashion trends of the season, but when saying something nice about a woman’s personal style, try to pinpoint what you are appreciating. Instead of saying something general like “You look gorgeous”, try to highlight a specific aspect of her style and then compliment her on it. If she has turned up in smashing evening gown for a special date, you could say something like “Wow this shade of maroon really brings out the color of your eyes”.  Or zero in on an accessory she is wearing and say something nice about it, like “That is a very attractive looking pendant you are wearing”.TIP: Ask the right questions and imply a compliment – that works better than giving a direct compliment, the bestselling book from Amazon, also available as an instant download ebook.


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