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How to steal a girl from her boyfriend – The fastest way! [Read]

How to steal a girl from her boyfriend - The fastest way!

How to steal a girl from her boyfriend: Ever had a crush on a girl, and found out that she was already seeing someone? What did you do next, went home and cried? How do you get a girl who has a boyfriend? The Huggable Understanding Guy teaches you the real art of how to get a girl with a boyfriend. Want to know how to get a girl who has a boyfriend? Winners don’t give up, and losers fail. So are you determined to know how to get a girl with a boyfriend?



Losers aside, here are a few things that determined men do. They steal girlfriends.

So if you think you’re ready to sweep the girl of your dreams from right under her guy’s nose, here’s the Huggable Understanding Guy raising a toast to you, you… you little desperado.

The art of girlfriend stealing

Here we go again, on this exciting voyage of being the player and the best man to have existed on the face of this Earth. Casanova is history. So let’s hit first base here.

You like a girl. And cupid’s struck the wrong butt… again. And you’re left in the dark. She’s with another guy.

Alright, life can be a bit harsh at times. So will you stop with your whining already?!

For crying out loud, there’s a way to have her. Thankfully.

Once you’re done blowing your nose and sticking the snot under the couch, let’s get to the deep, dark world of girlfriend stealing and how to get a girl with a boyfriend.

Knowing how to get a girl who has a boyfriend is an art, not some club swinging clumsy hit-and-miss techniques used by the lesser mortals. So sharpen your mind, and play it smooth, lover boy.

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  1. karos says

    Does it really work? Bt Y steal someone else’s joy? Anyway dats life

  2. noms says

    This is the most stupid stuff I have read in my entire life. First of all this idiot kept on beating around the bush for the first 4 slides and there are 8 in total. Then, the tricks are so stupid, tricks I would give my seatmate in elementary school. Total crap. I hate you, you made me waste my time and brain space.

  3. Silly says

    This is a pretty dumb post, especially for an infant site on the verge of growth. Beating about the bush and wasting my precious data. You should work on what u post or u discourage people from visiting ur site.

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