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Signs that show if a girl is a virgin and how to know if she isn’t..

signs-that-show-if-a-girl-is-a-virgin-and-how-to-know-if-she-isnt-theinfong-com-700x551Signs that show if a girl is a virgin: Virginity testing is a hugely sensitive subject since it is not only related to sexual behavior of a person but is intrinsically associated with far more complex questions of gender, sexual politics, history, religion and culture. While folklore has several, and many of them bizarre, theories about how a girl should behave if she is still a virgin, modern proofs of virginity for girls centers around an intact hymen and gynecological examination. Nevertheless there’s no way to know for sure if a girl is a virgin.


Historical perspective of Virginity testing
A person – whether a girl of boy – is said to be a virgin when he or she has not had sexual intercourse. Because of the patriarchal basis of most societies, the concept of virginity in girls came to be laden with notions of purity, honor and worth. According to patriarchal constructs of female identity, a woman is a man’s – her father’s or husband’s – possession who has the right to decide whom she can have sex with. Thus, the huge importance of virginity for women was one of the ways of gaining control of the sexual behavior of women. In traditional societies around the world like in Asia, Africa and Middle East, girls are still expected to remain virgins until marriage which is most often arranged by the elders of a family according to prevailing caste, religious and community principles. Even though women’s empowerment in the industrialized societies has reduced the importance of virginity among women, some pockets of these societies have witnesses a new wave of sexual abstinence among teenagers as evidenced by the popularity of chastity rings and purity bands.



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