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10 shocking pictures of celebrities without photoshop.

10 Shocking Pictures Of Celebs Without Photoshop -

Pictures of celebrities without photoshop: Let’s just be honest – sometimes, looking at photographs of celebrities can be discouraging because they appear to be pretty much perfect. We stare at photos of celebrities with perfectly glimmering hair, perfectly toned bodies, and gorgeous, flawless skin and it can seem completely unattainable. “I’ll never look like that!” we exclaim, staring at the magazine covers. Well, here’s a reality check for those who didn’t know – they don’t even look like that.


Sure, it can seem obvious that celebrities are completely made up in certain photoshoots where they’re sporting a more dramatic make-up look or complicated outfit. For those photos that are a bit more natural looking, on the other hand, it can be tough to spot what’s natural and what’s just really, really good photoshop.

Luckily, a lot of celebrities lately are speaking out about not wanting to participate in that unrealistic culture of too-perfect. They want to be honest and upfront about their fans. Yes, their image is often altered to get the best photospread. That’s just the entertainment business. However, celebrities are beginning to take the initiative and share their own unphotoshopped photos. Images that formerly never saw the light of day are surfacing for the public to see and helping us see just what technology can do vs. what Mother Nature has done.

Here are 10 photos of celebrities without photoshop…..



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