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12 things a woman is thinking right after sex – Guys, you should see this now!

love sex relationship theinfong.comThings a woman is thinking right after sex: For most men, the female brain is a mystery as it is on normal, casual days. But when it comes to the after effects of sex, the mystery escalates from ‘I wish I knew what she was thinking’ to the unfathomable chasm of deep unknown –


‘I can clearly see various thoughts fleeting across her facial expressions but for the life of me, I don’t know what they are – and I hope they are good!’ Unfortunately, while most men are worried if the thoughts in their partner’s heads pertain to their prowess in bed or the performance they just thought they had exceeded in, it is a startling fact that a woman’s brain is often likely to wander into the mundane, no matter if they just had the most phenomenal, earth shattering sex ever, just minutes ago.

Of course if the love making was less than spectacular, leaving the women dissatisfied and left wanting more action, it is possible that the woman’s post coital thoughts still linger on the sex, but more often than not, if men were ever to know for sure, silly, day-to-day things are the things that occupy most female brains post sex. Here’s a look at 12 such mental fascinations that intrigue women, especially after the bedroom acrobatics.

12) Was That It Or Is There A Round Two?

If it was good, you can bet your goods that the woman appreciates the effort and the ‘that was good’ thoughts fill up her mind, at least for the first few minutes post the deed! But if it was not, you can definitely safely assume that she’s analyzing everything to the ‘T’. Did she do something wrong? What was the hurry? Couldn’t he have done that? Will it be awkward to get out that vibrator now? Should she just say something? Oh well, you get the picture! Also See: 40 things a man is thinking right after sex



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