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22 early warning signs of a bad boyfriend

Warning signs of a bad boyfriend: Is your boyfriend losing interest in you? Use these 22 early warning signs of a bad boyfriend to find out if your guy’s just not into you anymore! When you first fell in love with your guy, you may have believed that he’s the best boyfriend in the whole world. He woos you, awes you and impresses you.


22 early warning signs of a bad boyfriend

But as the days turn to months, something begins to change.

He seems more distant, or worse, he doesn’t have time for you anymore.

If you’ve experienced this stage in the relationship, perhaps it’s time for you to take a deeper look into your relationship.

How guys fall in love

Guys take time to fall in love.

Of course, they’re infatuated by you from the very beginning.

But love takes a while to kick in.

As he woos and pursues you, he gives it his all to get your attention and make you fall for him.

But once he wins you over completely, that’s when he starts to analyze just how much he wants to be with you.

A man’s mind is programmed to sow his seed. And when he’s done with the deed, he twiddles his thumbs and wonders what he’s supposed to do next.

Should he stay in love with you, or should he just get back to hanging out with his friends and ignore you?

Are you worth sacrificing his lifestyle for? And most importantly, are you worth loving forever considering the fact that being with you means he can’t sow his wild oats into any other woman for… ever! 



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