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How to know if a man is a virgin..

How to know if a man is a virgin: It is rather interesting trying to find out whether a man is still virgin or not. Virginity has therefore seemed to take on femininity as it is rather hard to define or test for masculine virginity.



This is because, since time memorial, the issue of male virginity has not been such a big deal. Men are said to think of the act more often than women and also highly influence the decision to have it or not to have it. There are a number of discussions about the virginity of men. Some doctors have come up with beliefs like dark knees as a sign for a man having lost his virginity. It is as easy as looking at a man’s knees and you are able to tell whether they are virgin or not.

 How to Tell if a Man is a Virgin

Doctors that affirm to this have been criticized although they confidently confirm due the experience they have taken in testing for male virginity. Some of the parameters for testing for male virginity include but are not limited to the following and how easily the foreskin may slip back and forth easily.



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