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10 things you can do to make women obsess over you – Guys, see this now!

love gif theinfong.comThings you can do to make women obsess over you: The tricks for attracting the opposite sex has long been an intriguing topic. Some guys seem completely clueless when it comes to interacting with women, while others have all the luck. People occasionally believe that success with women is linked to money and physical appearance, but there’s more to it than that; being a considerate person with a good personality works even better than simply throwing money around.


While there is no special secret of what you can do to attract a girl, there are some simple things that can help you drive her crazy. Actions as simple and obvious as being a good friend can make you more appealing. However, some guys think that if they’re too nice they’ll be put in the friend-zone, but if the chemistry isn’t there, there isn’t anything you can do to change it.

While being nice can take you pretty far, science can probably take you the rest of the way. Science has shown that there is some truth to the adage that beautiful people have it easy, but even if you weren’t born with movie-star good looks, there are other things you can do to be more attractive to women… And they’re surprisingly easy. Check out the tips below on how to drive a girl crazy (in a good way).

10. Ride a roller coaster with her


If you’re looking for somewhere to take her on one of your first few dates, why not go somewhere fun that’s scientifically proven to make you seem more attractive? A couple of years ago, 1,000 random people were surveyed to determine if the endorphins released in roller coaster riders impacted human perception. The study found that the participants found their non-romantic co-riders to be more attractive after the ride.

However, those who were already romantically involved didn’t have a change in perception. So if you’re hoping to spark a connection after a death defying ride, you had better do it in the beginning. Take her to the amusement park and she’ll think you’re fun and way hot.



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