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Bad friends – 10 circumstances when you should end a friendship

When you should end a friendship: Bad friends are all around us. Learn to recognize a bad friend and understand when to end a friendship, especially if it’s doing nothing but messing your life. All of us have had our share of bad friends through the years. But have you really learnt your lesson, or do you still find yourself in a bad friendship even now?

One of the first things we have to understand about bad friends is that they suck the life out of you, slowly and surely.

Instead of trying to fix someone up all the time, learn to understand when to end a friendship, especially if it’s a bad one.

Life with bad friends

Even since we were little boys and girls, we’ve been made to believe that friendships last forever, that our friends are always going to be there for us.

We were our happiest when we were with friends.

Besides being our friends, they act as our support group, escort agents and shopping guides.

But friendship also comes with a “conditions apply” clause.

The give-and-take policy works here too, as with everything else in the world. The last time you and your friend went shopping and saw that exclusive Gucci bag, did she just step aside and let you have it or do you still have those tell-tale injury marks to prove your survival?



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