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10 incredible facts about the church of satan you won’t believe

Facts about the church of satan: The Church of Satan was founded in 1966 by Anton Szandor LaVey and exalts itself as the first-ever religious community that is dedicated to serving the true nature of humans: the carnal beast within us. In their minds, satan is the best representation of what human beings truly are. They are vicious, they are indulgent, they are sinful and should be at peace with that nature.


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satanists try to become one with their carnal instincts and long to shed that long-held belief that human beings are purely vessels that hold a soul.

The Church of Satan does not see Satan as a god, and they believe that man himself created gods. Therefore by worshipping gods, they are worshipping man, who has free will and a working mind. Satanists manipulate the mind through magical rituals and they embrace sin in all its forms. Sinning is individualized to each specific person and therefore there cannot be limits against it.

Have fun reading this list of 10 incredible facts about the Church of Satan you won’t believe. You may find out something new about this underground religious cult that claims to be the first above-ground organization that is devoted to the carnal beast.

10. It is Full of Atheists



How does a “church” have atheists as members? Well, followers of the Church of Satan hold the belief that gods and goddesses are the creations of men, not of some omnipresent, all-knowing being. Since gods were supposedly invented by men, then Satanists (and their atheist peers) worship men, not gods. Followers hold a deep regard for human qualities and believe that personal traits are the results of human effort, not some right given by a deity. Atheists also like the fact that the Church of Satan states that we are responsible for our own lives on this planet, and that no one can control our fate.



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