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14 things to keep in mind when you bump into your ex

When you bump into your ex: Running into an ex is not the best feeling in the world. But here are 14 tips to make sure you still feel super-awesome after that awkward moment!  Bumping into an ex is always an overwhelming moment, and definitely emotional too. You could still be in love with them, or even hate their guts.


But no matter how you feel about them, running into an ex will always leave you with awkward moments, nostalgia, and hopes of second chances or hopes of strangling their throat.

The worst part about bumping into an ex unexpectedly *unless you have no feelings for them whatsoever* is the anxiety it brings with it.

Your heart starts pounding so hard you have a hard time hearing yourself.

And all of a sudden, you feel sweaty and uncomfortable, and nothing you say ever feels like the right thing to say!

Bumping into an ex

Call it fate, coincidence, or just plain luck, but if you have an ex, chances are, you are bound to run into them someday.

It may be a few days after your break up, or at times, even several years after breaking up.

As awkward as bumping into an ex can seem, it is still a test of your character. It can help you judge your own life. Are you better off since the break up? Do you need to get a life?

And most importantly, have you moved on to greener pastures? 



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