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15 celebs who aged terribly (With Pictures)

celebs who aged terribly

Celebs who aged terribly: Celebrities are often known for their looks. A lot of them launch their careers based on how beautiful they are, and it’s part of their job to stay in shape. But just because they have access to all the best personal trainers, diet specialists, beauty experts, and plastic surgeons doesn’t mean they will age flawlessly.


For some of them, having surgeons at their beck and call hasn’t kept them looking young at all– it’s actually made them look worse.

We all know aging is part of life, so we’ll do what we can to age gracefully by focusing on our health. Some celebrities are less focused on staying healthy and more interested in taken advantage of all the opportunities to party that their lifestyle offers them. Drugs and alcohol would take a huge toll on anyone’s appearance, so it’s no surprise that aging rock and roll stars don’t exactly look like they used to.

Whether it’s plastic surgery, an unhealthy lifestyle, or they just don’t care anymore, some celebrities are merely a caricature of their former beauty. Here are 15 celebs who aged terribly.

15. Val Kilmer



For an actor who has had the honor of playing Batman and Jim Morrison (the lead singer of The Doors) in his career, appearance has played a big role in Val Kilmer‘s success. A few years ago, he had gained a lot of weight, and was no longer the Hollywood heartthrob he used to be.

Now, he’s reportedly battling throat cancer (although, he hasn’t confirmed this himself), and he’s looking a lot more frail. It was reported in February that his family is worried he isn’t getting proper treatment because of his religious beliefs. Kilmer is a Christian Scientist and believes in the healing power of prayer rather than medical treatment.



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