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How to give space in a relationship – This will help you!

How to give space in a relationship: Love is a strange emotion. It can bring us close and yet, at times it can push us further away. Balancing togetherness and space perfectly is not easy, but it’s worth the effort. Find out how to give space in a relationship and live happier.


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Relationships can be confusing.

Sometimes it needs a lot of togetherness. And at some other times, relationships need space to grow.

Knowing how to give space in a relationship, and yet stay together is an art that every couple needs to learn.

Managing these perfectly is the difference between a perfect relationship and an imperfect one.

How to give space in a relationship

Happily ever after… This is where the story ends, the curtain comes down, the screen flickers and the credits roll.

But where the fairytale ends, life begins.

But seriously how happy is ‘happily ever after’? How real is the reel life that glorifies just attaining the girl or the guy? Life is so much more. It is also about keeping it together.

So you’ve found your prince charming, or won the hand of the lovely maiden.

But continuing to live happily after the fairy tale ends is another story.

And unless you pay attention to your relationship, you’ll realize that there’s a thin line that prevents a happy fairy tale from becoming a tragic tale.



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