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My friend’s suicide left me to uncover a hideous secret about his family…

My friend’s suicide: Ten days ago, my friend Benjamin committed suicide. I hate to be blunt about it, I hate to admit that I didn’t cry over the fact, but here’s the deal… we’ve been closer than close since sixth grade, and we promised if something like this ever happened, that’s not how it would be.


My friend’s suicide left me to uncover a hideous secret about his family... 700x445

That was our friendship. We were used to the whole “death won’t be an emotional thing, rather, we can look back upon all the awesome things we did.” And if anything, the reason why he left the world left me in more of an emotional turmoil leaning toward the horrific side of things, not the depressing side.

When Benjamin and I wanted to keep something confidential but didn’t have time to talk it out in person or send it in a text that would take about six messages to get the point across, he would tag me in a ‘note’ on Facebook which I’m sure most of you are familiar with. If not, it’s a place on your personal profile where you can write notes, tag people in them, or keep them to yourself. We would put our settings to private and write to each other about something a teacher did, something that somebody said to us in class, etc. Except we did this even after high school, just to catch up on extensive events.



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