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10 amazing body part reattachment surgeries you won’t believe (+Photos)

amazing body part reattachment surgeries

Body part reattachment surgeries: Just decades ago, reattaching a severed body part was medically impossible, but scientific progress has dramatically changed things since then. The first such replantation was performed in 1962 by Dr. Ronald Malt, Massachusetts General Hospital’s chief surgical resident. He successfully reattached the arm of a 12-year-old boy who had suffered an accident as he was hanging onto the side of a train.


Amazingly, in the years following the surgery, the boy grew up to be able to play tennis and baseball, as well as drive race cars for recreation and haul meat for a packing firm.

And as science has further progressed through the years, various types of the most unbelievable replantation surgeries have been performed, benefiting thousands of patients. Here are ten of the most amazing such procedures:

10. Reattachment of Both Hands After Molding Machine Accident



In 2005, 49-year-old Arsenio Matias from the Dominican Republic was operating a vacuum form machine, used to press plastic parts into shape, when he accidentally cut off both his hands from the wrist down. When he saw blood pouring from his wrists and his two hands laying on the machinery, he thought he was going to die. But fortunately, two of Matias’s coworkers had the presence of mind to assist him by tying their belts around his arms (to minimize the loss of blood) and putting his hands in ice (to preserve them). Hours later, doctors at the Stony Brook hospital used microscopes and magnifying lenses to reattach Matias’s severed limbs. However, doctors expected the patient to regain only up to 50% of normal feeling and mobility in his hands. Nevertheless, just days later, Matias described how he felt as “Perfect, perfect. I never have pain. This is unbelievable stuff medically.”



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