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15 things she wants you to tell her while making love..

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Things she wants you to tell her while making love – They say a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. That statement is painfully true when it comes to obtaining satisfaction in the bedroom. Sometimes we just want it a certain way but are afraid of offending our partner or killing the intimacy.


And unfortunately for us ladies, sex has been seen as a male dominated activity; however, it is a new day and age and we like to have our egos stroked too! Sex can be a beautiful thing between both partners if it’s with somebody you have amazing chemistry with and feel comfortable being with. And one of the main keys to great chemistry is great communication. So, next time you’re in the bedroom with your lady, remember these 15 things she probably wants you to tell her during sex! You’re welcome.

15. She Wants You To Moan Her Name


Okay, so maybe she doesn’t want to hear a loud, top-of-the-lungs, Tarzan moan, but women most definitely like to hear a slight sound of relief to know that we are working it in all the right places, and doing a good job doing so. Dull sex is simply boring. Try saying her name right before you climax to give her the confidence she truly deserves! Whatever you do just make sure it is her name you scream and not your ex’s.

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14. That She’s The Best To Ever Do It


As women, of course it is natural for women to wonder about the other women you have had sex with in the past. Although she probably doesn’t want you to compare her to your ex (trust us), if it is in the name of telling her that she’s the best, she is more than likely all ears and happy to hear about it. Telling your lady that she’s the best at oral, riding, or even kissing, will undoubtedly give her every reason to keep going.

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