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20 celebrities who’ve been attacked by their fans (With Pics)

Selena-Gomez-Attacked-20 Celebrities Who’ve Been Attacked by Their

Attacked by their fans: Celebs are hot, hot, hot. They are all over our media news coverage, from those glossy magazine covers to the tabloids and the reality shows, entertainment news channels, and celebrity gossip blogs. There really is nowhere that is safe for a celebrity, especially if they have raving mad fans who are just oh so enamored with them.


Sure, it is cute to see a fan girl at a Taylor Swift concert, but what about the creepy middle-aged men who stalk young starlets? Even dude celebs are not immune to the weirdo-fan stalker.

Here is our list of 20 Celebrities Who’ve Been Attacked by Their Fans. Hey, fans can get pretty crazy and it is not uncommon for a really famous celebrity to have to fight off swarms of adoring people. From crowds that challenge body guards to concerts that get bombarded with freaky fans, this is a list of some of the most high-profile celebs out there.

Enjoy reading this list, and hopefully you will not find yourself realizing that you are indeed similar to these crazy fans. While most of the stories are just funny, some are downright frightening. Is being famous really worth it? You may find yourself asking that.

20. Brad Pitt

shutterstock_Brad Pitt (2)


Brad Pitt must be used to people throwing themselves at him. Yet sometimes it can get pretty scary for the actor. A guy was even put into jail for rushing Brad Pitt and injuring the actor’s face. It all happened during the premiere of Maleficent in Hollywood. Brad was with his wife Angelina Jolie, and he was not hurt, but everyone was on the alert. The rushing culprit was Vitalii Sediuk from the Ukraine. He was actually the same dude who attacked Britney Spears, America Ferrera, and a multitude of other celebs. Wait, who is this weirdo? Get him out of here!

19. Beyonce

Via Bigstock Images

Via Bigstock Images

In Brazil, Beyonce was almost totally taken out! She is so accustomed to hyped-up fans, and is actually pretty cool with her fans. She hugs them, sings with them, dances with them, and lets them get a little touchy-feely. Yet in Brazil, she was totally blindsided. She forgave him after he grabbed her and tried bring Beyonce with him. She was lifted off the stage by him and pulled into the crowd. But she as okay and her body guards were threatening to remove the dude from the premises before Bey said it was all good. She even kept on singing like a true pro!



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