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20 celebrities you didn’t know contracted HIV (With Pics)

20 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Contracted HIV (With Pics)

Celebrities you didn’t know contracted HIV: HIV is directly associated with AIDS and for a long time it was considered fatal in most cases. However, thanks to medical advances and prescription medications, it can be controlled to a significant extent, allowing those individuals with this serious immunity destroying virus to live normal, healthy lives.


There are probably far more celebrities than we know who have been diagnosed with HIV, but there continues to be a certain stigma attached to it that can cause some to shy away from being open about their disease. HIV doesn’t define a person, but there may be numerous questions or even assumptions about how they contracted it, whether it was through unprotected sex, a blood transfusion, or drug use.

Some great celebrities through the years revealed their diagnosis shortly before they passed away or it was revealed after their death. Being more aware of this serious and preventable disease is one of the reasons several of the people on this list admitted to their disease.

Below are 20 such celebrities whom we know contracted HIV.

20. Timothy Patrick Murphy




When people talk about the television show Dallas, they may very easily recognize Timothy Patrick Murphy. He was on that show during the 1980s, when it was at its peak of popularity, but he died in 1988 as the result of AIDS-related complications. It wasn’t clear how he had contracted the disease, but there was strong speculation that he had been gay. He was missed on this show by the millions of fans who followed the nighttime soap opera.



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