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10 signs you are sleeping with or dating a mammy water – Guys, you really should see this!

Signs you are dating a mammy water: This is for all the guys who pick up random girls on the streets without knowing anything about them. Here’s how to know if you are sharing your bed with a mammy water:

  • You picked her up from the street or some other random place. Maybe she was even standing in front of an uncompleted building..
  • You don’t know her surname. She told you her name is “ Just Julie”..
  • She agreed to sleep with you on the very first day, in fact she moved into your house, no questions asked.
  • She never gets tired. She can pound yam, fry garri, grind pepper with a stone and still have s*x with you when she finishes.
  • She always looks perfect, even first thing in the morning. No pimples, her make-up looks permanent and everything is always in the right place.
  • Her Brazilian hair looks natural. It really looks like her hair but maybe salons have found a way to remove natural hair and put it back later.

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  1. Jasmine says

    That a big lie up there about the article if u dating a mammy girl…. I don't believe all that……..

  2. darcy says

    Biggest lie ever,,, the person who wrote that was probably high on oshogbo weed….

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