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STOP doing these 6 things, if you want your relationship to last!

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If you want your relationship to last – Yes, so you wishing for a long lasting relationship and you are not ready to sacrifice or go through what it takes to achieve it?? You must be the biggest joker alive! If you want your relationship to last you must stop doing these…

1. Quit thinking it WON’T last. 

Going into a relationship thinking it’s doomed means only one thing — it is. Every time things aren’t perfect you’ll feel validated. “See? I knew it. We didn’t have a chance.”

If you honestly believe relationships will never stand the test of time then the reality is you will sabotage each one to ensure that you are right. You will test each partner to see how much of your bad behavior they can tolerate before finally leaving you as you yell, “I knew you’d never stay” to a slamming door.

If this is you — don’t date until you’ve figured this out.

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