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Top 10 Countries with the most breast implants – See which is number 1! (With Pictures)


Countries with the most breast implants – One of the most tantalizing attributes of the female anatomy is the breast. The boobies. The fun-bags. The jugs. Forever immortalized along a spectrum from much revered ancient art to modern day nudie magazines.


Large, symmetrical breasts are one of the indicators of pure femininity.

Scientists have suggested that the visual importance of the female body owes to indications that the woman could easily care for a child. In an evolutionary sense, perfectly sized, symmetrical breasts indicate (to a male) the female with the best capacity to feed and rear a child. But in the modern world we’re kind of past that, and physical presentation is probably more informed by what we see in the media than by actual genetic fitness.

However, growing up in any of the countries on this list as a flat-chested young girl can lead to mockery and bullying due to not fitting the cookie-cutter female form, and many women opt for elective surgery to “improve” their figure and self-esteem. The following countries have the most cases per year of breast augmentation, and it should not be surprising that these countries are among the most westernized and image-centric in the world.


10.  Greece


There are a variety of reports on the internet that say Greece is higher on this list for reported annual elective plastic surgery procedures, but wherever it truly falls, the desire for “fitness” is definitely there. Like most European countries, Greece is image-obsessed. In fact, most of the countries on this list are places where the citizens epitomize the US as the central hub of fashion and beauty. Greece is just the first on this list to fall into that category. Accurate numbers are hard to come by though because so many sunbaked Grecians cross their border into Bulgaria for cheaper surgeries. With the Greek economic crisis limiting most people’s expendable income, cheaper is better, (even if there is travel involved and a language barrier) because the accommodations and care involved are completely equitable at a fraction of the cost. In fact, reports indicate that breast augmentation in Bulgaria costs Grecians 30-50% less than in Greece.

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