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5 reasons you should not have sex before marriage

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Reasons you should not have sex before marriage – Sex in this context can be defined as the penetration of the penis into the vagina for pleasure or procreation. However, this act is sacred and males and females need to wait for the appropriate time.


Here are reasons you should not have sex before marriage.

1. Freedom to ask whether you should continue the relationship: This type of situation arises as a result of incessant and constant misunderstandings and quarrels. In the case where sex is not involved, it makes it easy for one party to opt out of the relationship if need be, without having any feeling of being used or dumped.

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  1. Kaycee says

    What of what God says…
    Remember your body is the temple of holy spirit

  2. Lyz says

    Stupid reasons. .u shd think of more important things to write than crap..its either u quote d Bible, write something meaningful or stfu.

    1. Adeola says

      Yeah, it might look stupid but thats their view, they give their own reasons 4 no sex b4 marriage which is good, remember its a secular article.

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