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7 best Nigerian diss songs ever – This will leave you in stitches! (With Lyrics)


Best Nigerian diss songs ever – After the Drake and Meek Mill’s diss that took over the internet and Drake’s 2 diss tracks (Charged Up & Back 2 Back) being the talk of Hip-Hop. It’s a good time to sit back and think of diss songs of the past, and what diss songs we’ve gotten in Nigeria.


Here we’ve put together the top Nigerian diss songs ever, and we’re going based on content, direct hits, and impact overall in Nigerian music. These are not all hip-hop songs, but diss songs in general, and no it’s not ranked in any particular order.

7. Sinzu – Exit Strategy (vs Godwon)


The beef between Godwon and Sinzu was kinda petty for the most part with both of them going at it over what seemed like petty stuff. However one thing you never really want to do is test Sinzu in Hip-Hop. Sinzu unleashed some pure fire on Godwon, and quite honestly it might have spelled the end of Godwon and hip-hop music in Nigeria.

“Your mixtape no dey sell

That shit just sit on a shelf

You selfish I know

you recorded it for yourself

You tried to get couple of features nobody wanted to help

And now it’s like you just against yourself and the rest

It’s like you in a game but you playing against the ref”

I mean damn Sinzu! You ain’t have to body dude like that.

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    Adele – Hello Lyrics know you recorded it for yourself

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