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Common underwear mistakes that can harm your vagina – See this now!

Mistake (7.) Sweaty undies


Women and men who tend to sweat should change their underwear regularly — twice a day, as opposed to once a day for people who typically stay dry.


And anyone who works out should put on a clean pair of undies as soon as they’re able. “A warm, moist environment is the perfect place for yeast to grow,” says Dr. Moore, who recommends that sweat-prone people invest in underwear made of moisture-wicking material and avoid cotton underwear, which tends to stay wet once it gets wet.


“All of these problems are compounded if you have incontinence to any degree — even a drop or two,” says Dr. Moore. “When you work out, you can try wearing a panty liner. That way, if you’re not in a position to change underwear, at least you can change the panty liner or take it off.”



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