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Ladies! 10 things your man should never make you do, no matter how much you love him – Be wise!!

Things your man should never make you do – You might think that you love your man so much, you’d do absolutely anything for him, but then again, there are also some things a man simply should never ask a woman to do for him. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you have to give up the right to be an individual, with a mind of your own, so find out where the line has to be drawn and read these ten things no man should ever ask a girl to do:


10. Force you to stay when you really want to leave

If you are really unhappy in a relationship, then you should end it. Don’t let a man force to you to stay, just because he doesn’t want it to end and, don’t let him make you stay through emotional blackmail either.

9. Have an abortion

Things happen and, if an unexpected pregnancy occurs, then the man must step up to the mark and take his responsibilities seriously. He should never, under any circumstances, tell the woman to have an abortion. That is a very emotional decision that only the woman can make and then the man should be there to support her, whatever she decides.

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