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10 of the worst celebrity trainwrecks of all time (With Pictures)


The worst celebrity trainwrecks – For some reason we always tend to believe that celebrities are holier than thou, perfect people who see no wrong, do no wrong and live perfect lives. Well, surprise surprise, other than the celebrity status and perhaps their bank account and net worth, there is nothing more to these individuals than flesh and bones, just like you. To make things worse, some of them are really terrible examples of what a human being should be.


A glimpse into some of their lives and you will barely ever let your kids watch anything they are involved in, leave alone watching it yourself. Unbeknown to most people, there are celebrities whose lives have turned to ruin, worse than anything you have ever experienced.

Interestingly enough, although some of them are such trainwrecks, we still love them, we still fancy every single moment that they are on screen, and some still manage to stay so adored by many fans. It’s like they have a secret charm that keeps them lovable even at their worst moments in life. We wish that charm was available for everyone. It would have gotten some of us out of detention, homework and exams!

10. Britney Spears


C’mon, you thought we would end this list without Brit? Never! The problem with Britney Spears, she became the perfect test subject for a classical childhood star who grew up too fast, under the watchful, vengeful and heinous eye of the media. Let not her success as an adult fool you, Britney has had her fair share of drama. What went wrong? Drug abuse, mental illness, Justin Timberlake – lesson to girls out there, steer clear of the pretty boys! It’s a pity Madonna once considered her to be the one and only worthy successor to be the Queen of Pop.

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