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4 Different types of sex you should have before you get married – Don’t fail to see this!


Types of sex you should have before you get married – These days, sex in relationships have come to be an important part of development. The reason for this might be because dating and courtship offers an opportunity for both persons in the relationship to get to know one another in almost all areas of life.



As such, knowing how sexually good your partner is and how compatible you both are is important.
More so, having a certain level of experience regarding sexual activities is also quite important. This could help you know to a certain level, the different sexual preferences of people and also be able to hold your own when married. Your pre-married life sexual experience can also help you keep yourself in check as you’d probably have seen it after going through the checklist of this article. Here are 9 different sexual experiences everyone should have before they get married.

1. Sex with a good friend

A lot of heterosexual people always seem to have at least one friend of the opposite sex that whether or not they admit it, they’d like to have sex with. Despite how much you may enjoy being with this person, or how much fun you have with the platonic relationship, the both of you just can’t stop being sexually attracted to each other even though you both know that you both can’t really make a good couple. You know how much they make you laugh especially when you’re not feeling good or you’re emotionally down. You like them a lot and as such why can’t you just want their body once in a while?

Before deciding on settling down with someone you will spend the rest of your life with, throw caution to the wind by getting that friend out of the friend zone for once for temporary fun in the friends with benefits zone. After doing so, you both should agree never to speak of what happened again especially with the person you will be dating on the long term. This is so because because they will surely feel threatened by the person that you will always refer to as just a “close friend”.

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