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Guys, NEVER sleep with her if you notice any of these things..

Guys, NEVER sleep with her if you notice any of these things ove and sex l 7oox349

NEVER sleep with her if you notice any of these things – Consider the cliché in most movies and TV productions where a man meets a woman at a bar, he buys her a drink, they talk, they laugh, they discover they are both into each other, and then they get a room and sleep together. The above scene is so common that if it were to go any other way, it would be quite surprising. However, in real-life, so many factors have to be just right before a man wakes up in the morning with his girlfriend, crush, or even ‘new friend’ sleeping next to him.


Although it is common to find women turning down offers that will lead to them waking up next to a man they don’t know in the morning, it is not always the case. It might surprise you to know that most men will also turn down an offer to sleep with a woman when they discover a few things about them.

Some of the things below are discoveries that men make about women as soon as they meet them, while others are things that they discover over time. The first-time discoveries are the easiest to get away from because there is little relationship involved. The discoveries that a man will make after a few weeks or months are complicated because by this time a relationship has had a chance to develop.

However, whether in a relationship or not, a man will not want to sleep with a woman if she has any or a combination of the following:

10. She Has Bad Breath


Intimacy does not come automatically, even for men. It is going to be so hard for a man to sleep with his woman if she smells as if something died in her mouth. You cannot expect to go a few days without interacting with a toothbrush and some toothpaste, and think that you can just turn your man on. Furthermore, how your mouth smells speaks tons about how matters of hygiene are important to you, and what type of a person you generally are. A polite man will just come up with an excuse and find a way of fleeing from you, but less polite men might just share their thoughts on how much your breath stinks. Although this applies to both the man and the woman, it is important to take the trouble to brush your teeth at least every day.

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