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10 Clear signs that you are falling in love..


Clear signs that you are falling in love – People write songs about it, they make sentimental movies about it, and poets write poems about it. There is no doubt that, since the dawn of time, human beings have been fascinated by love and the weird and wonderful effect that love has on our lives. Love is a crazy emotion that drives us to strange things, and science has even shown that love works on the brain in a similar way as a narcotic would.


Love can also be sneaky sometimes, and it grabs us when we are least expecting it. If you have been wondering why you have been feeling a bit strange of late, check out these common symptoms that will tell you that you are falling in love.

1. You daren’t even look at the person

Love is really hard to hide, so when the object of your love walks into a room, you might look the other side for fear you might let him see how you feel. You know that if he comes to talk to you, you are likely to blush or say sometime foolish.

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