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13 things, clueless dudes don’t know women hate in bed


Things clueless dudes don’t know – Time for a sex bombshell — no, not a blonde bombshell, but more of a… knowledge bombshell. Women’s site Bustle interviewed a whopping 64 women earlier this year to find out in raw, uncut detail what their biggest sex deal breakers were.


Reading through the list is eye-opening — the entries range from the hugely important (consent) to the hilariously trivial (socks), but they might be too much raw info for your mind to process. So we broke it down into some categories based on common response themes.

Worried that you’re not bringing it correct in the sack? This list is far from perfect — of course, what turns some people on will turn others off — but if you’re hooking up with her for the first time, say, it doesn’t hurt to play the percentages. Either way, there’s a lot to learn here that could definitely make you a better lover.

Planning on going in condom-free, getting her to call you daddy, shooting for a rear entry, finishing and then falling asleep? Good luck, pal. Here are 13 of women’s biggest deal breakers:

1. When You’ve Got Poor Condom Etiquette

“Debating about whether or not to put on a condom. Shut up and put on the condom.” – Allie, 28

“When you ask a guy if he has a condom, and he says ‘Yes,’ but just keeps rubbing himself against you with no penetration in sight.” – Patty, 21

“Being a bad kisser. Or saying he ‘doesn’t use condoms.’” – Jordan, 32

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