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Ladies, 6 things guys are thinking while having a shower with you..


Things guys are thinking while having a shower with you – And they’re not holding back. Showering together can seem like a steamy proposition what with the steam and all, but is it all it’s cracked up to be? Maybe you’re looking for a little wet and wild fun, or maybe you just want to spend a little time together while you get ready for work.


Either way, here’s what men really think about jumping into the shower with you.

1. It can become a hairy situation.

“First question: Why is there so much hair and why is it everywhere? If you looked at the shower drain afterwards, you’d think, ‘Oh, whoever’s hair this is … they’re bald now.’ Yet somehow, she still has a full head of hair when I look at her.

Second question: Is it OK to admit I secretly use her products when we shower separately? They just make my hair so soft, but I could never buy them myself with a straight face.”

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