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10 things you should never say to a guy while making love

2. “Let’s get married.”

Okay, so this one is a little farfetched, that’s for sure. However, remember that whole oxytocin hormone that we mentioned earlier? It makes you feel bonded to that man you just had sex with, even if you met him at the bar only a few hours before. For some women, they may even feel like they’re falling in love. You know how crazy that being in love can make you. It could lead to some proclamations or even some urgent mutterings about marriage.

Commitment-phobes, who are prime candidates for flings, don’t even want you to think about the M-word let alone ever speak it aloud. If you talk about weddings and how this guy could be your future hubby, he will head for the hills. Sleep on your newfound excitement, and if in the morning you still have strong feelings, maybe talk to the guy about it. Just don’t bring up wedding rings yet.



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