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Reasons why girls cheat so easily on their guy – The real truth!

Reasons why girls cheat: So why do women cheat in a relationship? Are women easy to trick or are they just confused? Read these 25 truthful reasons no one ever told you about! Ever wondered why women cheat so easily? For as long as we could remember, we’ve always thought that men were the bigger cheaters. But now we know that it’s just a lie.


Why women cheat

Ever had your heart ripped apart by a woman who decided that it was quitting time and bulldozed her way out of your life?

Fret not, you’re not alone.

In reality, women cheat quite often. And we’re not even talking about those drunken kisses and gropes.

You may know a few reasons behind why women cheat.

Women cheat to fill the emotional void that’s empty after a man neglects her, or perhaps the sexual preferences in the marriage are just too different.

But through my experience, I’ve seen that women cheat for completely different reasons.

And the biggest reason why women cheat?

Well, that’s because they can!

So why do women cheat like there’s no tomorrow?

Looking for real life reasons behind why women cheat? Well, these 25 truthful reasons will reveal the real truth.

#1 Women get too close to others, too fast. Women build strong emotional connections really fast. It’s easy for them to get close to a guy and confuse the bond with love.

#2 They love any man who can give them emotional support. It’s true. Want to steal a girlfriend, just give her a shoulder to lean on. She’ll give you her bed to sleep on.

#3 Women favor the gene pool. They instinctively want to favor the gene pool and play their part for Mother Nature by constantly picking other dating and mating potentials.



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  1. lilith says

    This is the dumbest post of all times. It's obvious the writer has been cheated on by a woman so this is another way of lashing out?? Dumb move bro! We know who the real dogs are. What happened to men who cheat on their sexy spouses with unsexy smelly house maids? Men's unfaithful ways have nothing to do with being sexy and attractive. They fuck anything that comes their way. The world already knows that. So keep ur truth to ur self.

    1. Uzor says

      The writer isn't saying that men don't cheat. The post is about the reasons women cheat. I personally think the writer is making sense

    2. zamami says

      Write your own post na…. let's see what u have…. u won't write anything yet,u won't appreciate one who sits down to write something…. must u talk… idiota

    3. Dam says

      You are totally wrong o, I'm a girl…cheating on my boyfriend (not proud of that) and I can say this post is about 75% correct.

    4. Fola says

      *sips cold Fanta*

  2. Khristine says

    Yea… truly, this post is really dumb! Cnt believe i wasted my time reading this crap.

  3. victor says

    Fulk this page

  4. titi says

    Many ladies deep down know that some of the things said here is true…men do cheat…the writer simply shed light on women….doesn't mean all women fall into the cheating category…but out of experience I can say the writer made a lot of sense with this article….before you push off the article think deeply about it….thank you

  5. Nas says

    Titi is right. Have experienced most of this points both positively & negatively. Buh I will disagree with d point of " dumbest reasons"… Well is believed dat guys cheat with sexier babes.. Buh what is sexy to u might not be sexy to me… Different part of female's body can make a guy cheat..
    E.g. A guy cld see a slim geh(Lepa no front no back) with lovely lips which would make him wonder how good d lips wld feel on his d**k or he could imagine how he can put d lepa geh in different s*x positions.
    For busty babes he wld imagine different things he can do with d b**bs, squeezing, biting, t*ts f**king etc.
    For Big A** babe all he wld imagine is entering her from behind or spanking
    Bow legged babes etc
    And its not necessarily mean  d geh wld be tush, it cld be d house maid, bread seller, colleague, gf sis, friend gf, etc
    Also Remember when diz thing called Konji start… Hmmmmm

    And for gehs, ve once spoken to a geh dat told me she can't fight her bf if she find out he's cheating… She said she wld just cheat back with any guy available.. ( to her they re both human if he can cheat she can also cheat)
    And d only thing gehs can fantasize about guys is their JT, how big it is,  how long etc dat cld make dem want to have a taste of dat person cld be anybody, even a gateman, gardener etc

    At least ve done almost everything if not all u put as d dumbest reasons points.

    1. Dam says

      You are just an unserious person, you bums have made ur senseless point without the examples

  6. sly says

    Seriously is one suppose to cheat on their spouse:(

  7. zee says

    Some reasons are true, but women love easily. Buy her gifts, perfumes, and punish her by kissing once, and dnt touch her, buy her gifts, make her laugh, she is already saying, "he is my frnd"

  8. Cynthia says

    Most of the reasons are true. The post is not totally dumb. He is not forcing people to believe. We all have rights to our opinions.

  9. Jessica says

    Do not agree with all ur reasons but i go with the general fact dat "women cheat because they can"… Woman want are INSATIABLE

  10. Abraham says

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