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10 things virgins discover on their wedding night..

9. Everything Feels Weird Down There

It is natural for your physical body to feel out of place at this time, in addition to the pain, your body has gone through a gigantic shift; this is due to you using muscles that have never been used before. Emotionally you may feel a bit off as well and this is due to trying something that is out of your comfort zone and something that you would have to get used to over time. Your muscles have shifted and you now have to take your time and figure out what feels good and what does not. Relax, you have time to figure it out.

8. The Big “O” Is Not Guaranteed

It is okay if you did not experience the “explosion” that you have waited so long for; you quickly realize that this is not a guaranteed pleasure and soon after that, you will realize that unless you do it yourself there will be several incidents where the big “O” is nowhere to be found. You may be surprised after your first time or maybe a better word is confused, you are thinking “hmm, that was weird”, “is that all there is to it?” and the answer is no. As time goes on you will learn new tricks and tips that make it much better and get you to that “explosion” you were lacking on your wedding night.



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