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10 things virgins discover on their wedding night..

7. You Feel Weird Afterwards

If you were the type of person who made it known that you were a virgin and you were waiting for marriage, then chances are when you have officially done the deed you may feel awkward for two reasons. 1. You feel like you have done something dirty and 2. When you get home from your honeymoon you will feel like everyone is looking at you, staring daggers at you almost judging you as if they know that you are no longer a virgin. As if you are no longer that “special” girl who had the courage to stave off the temptations of sex for all those years.

6. Being A Virgin Is Not My Identity

When women self identify as a being a virgin it can sometimes cloud who they are; they wear it like a badge of honor and people around them start to recognize them as just that. When you have finally done the deed, what or who are you at that point? It is then that you realize that you are so much more than the local virgin. You are now a wife; a mother soon (if that is in your future) but most of all you are a human being who does not need to label who she is. On your wedding night you begin to realize that your identity is what you want it to be not what is most identifiable about you.



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