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GUYS: 10 things women think before going down to give you head..


Things women think before going down – Foreplay is an important part of intercourse. Without it, guys don’t last as long, women have fewer orgasms, and everyone just seems a little bit more sexually selfish. But if you engage in it, it delays gratification and makes it more wonderful when it finally arrives.


The expression “foreplay” is used to describe a multitude of sex acts that aren’t strict “p” in “v”. You got your kissing, your heavy petting, your deep-tissue massage, and everything else you can think of that’d get your hot and bothered.

We all know, though, that it really just refers to the ole ‘next best thing’ – oral. The reason it’s such an effective form of foreplay, especially for guys, is because it almost exactly imitates the act that will follow, only with a titillating element of your partner calling the shots. If you want your foreplay to go as smoothly as possible, we would advise you to follow these ten tips. It’ll make it more pleasant for your partner, who will be more likely to come back for more, and it’ll turn you both on so that the subsequent sex is much better. Ready? We thought so. Check out these ten things women think before going down..

10. “I Hope It’s Manscaped”


Nothing like diving down south on your partner to find a gigantic bush of hair awaiting you. And honestly, that could mean either NOTHING’S AS GOOD or NOTHING’S AS BAD. These days, though, people tend to lean towards bad. It’s in vogue for women to be completely shaved and for men to be at least trimmed, if not shaved like something out of Magic Mike. We personally cannot endorse hair removal — nature gave it to us for a good reason — but better safe than sorry when it comes to possibly getting head, so trim it preemptively and then promise to let it grow back out if that’s what she prefers.

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