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15 Crazy thoughts EVERY woman has about her body (With Pictures)


Thoughts EVERY woman has about her body – With all the new body-altering options there are today, it is clear that all women have things they’d like to change about their physical appearance. From getting rid of bump on the nose to thinner thighs. From the media, to celebrities photoshopping their Instagram pictures to portray perfect bodies, to other women, women are made to feel insecure about themselves.


Below is a list of 15 thoughts that most (if not all) women have (or have had at one point) about their bodies. If a woman claims to not have any of these thoughts, then you better call the fire department because her pants will be on fire.

15. Thigh Gap


Let’s just get this one out of the way. Every female on the planet has stood in front of the mirror to see if there was any hint of a thigh gap. When you become discouraged with the lack of thigh gap you start to spread your feet a little more apart and tilt your hips back to make that thigh gap appear!

The reality television star Kim Zolciak, is obsessed with attaining the coveted thigh gap. If you scroll through her various social media accounts you will see her in all sorts of awkward looking poses. There are literally hundreds of pictures of her arching her back while thrusting her right hip and chest forward.

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