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The 12 major differences between ‘The Rich’ and ‘The Poor’ – This will change your mentality

Major differences between ‘The Rich’ and ‘The Poor’ – Everybody wants to be rich, but most of them remain poor after so many years of wanting the good things of life. Wonder why this is so? It’s simple! Choices and decisions – the difference between a rich man and a poor man is their decisions. Whatever we do today determines our tomorrow, and that is why rich people are very careful what they say, where they go to and what they do.


Rich people simply think, act, and make choices differently than the rest of the world and that’s one of the reasons they stand out.

Studies have shown that rich and successful people produce amazing results while poor people keep lamenting about their situation, and most times doing little or nothing about it. Everyone was born with nothing, everyone desires money but only a few get it. There must be something different about the person that succeeds and that’s what this post is all about – what makes the rich and the poor different.

1. The Rich Dreams, Plans and Implements While The Poor Only Dreams

Procrastination is the ideal word to describe this sub-title. A rich man lacks this quality, that is why he can immediately put to action his ideas. On the contrary, poor people are blessed with uncomfortable beds that encourages them to keep dreaming. Success only comes when action is applied to thoughts and ideas.

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