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10 things Nigerians say when they travel abroad for the very first time – This will leave you in stitches!


Things Nigerians say when they get to abroad – At a point in the life of every human, there comes the urge to want to go around the world. Some may want to embark on this adventure as a form of displaying a touch of class, others would yearn for it just to get out of their comfort zone and see what the other side looks like.


File Photo of some Nigerians in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

In the light of this, some would love to travel to other countries for holidays to build confidence among foreigners despite language barriers, develop cultural sensitivity, adapt to globalization, and create every opportunity to network for business and or professional purposes.

When people travel to foreign countries perhaps for a tour, they encounter various experiences both from the expected and the unexpected. This piece recalls ten of the many statements Nigerians make on their visits abroad.

1. These people are racists

Many a time, you hear people tell stories about their travels and travails abroad and how they had been humiliated. At the point of entry before the immigration for instance, you are already suspected that you would run away once you are allowed into the country of your destination. You must have to prove yourself worthy if not, back you go to your country.

The questionings and treatments you are given would make you conclude that these people are racists.
A colleague once told me a story of how he was treated spitefully at a restaurant on his first trip to China. But then, who do you blame? Many people have been to other countries from Nigeria and failed to return. The media too have contributed in exaggerating issues of public importance which become highly detrimental to Nigeria and Nigerians.

Thus, when people like you go into a foreign country with good intentions, you are still seen as those for whose sake the country has been painted black. Even in your own fellow African country, Morocco, as far as you are a black man getting into the country, you are a suspect. If peradventure you begin to live in any of these foreign countries as a legal resident, you’d still find love among their people.

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