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LADIES: If you want to keep your man around you, STOP doing these 10 things..

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Keep your man around you – We love you. But we’ve got a favor to ask… I saw a funny write-up some time ago where the relationship needs of women were listed. The list was quite long and included things like, “telling her how beautiful she is, giving her attention, showing her affection, etc”. The other side of the list which was for men, was almost blank, except for the sentence, “show up naked.” It was meant to be a joke, but I couldn’t help thinking about it. Does it mean that men don’t have any expectations in their relationships except sex?


I beg to differ. I am a man, and I know we have our own relationship expectations too.

Most men will not talk about this to their partners, but they really wish their partners would stop doing these 10 things…

1. Doubting His Dreams

Men want partners who will think that they are very smart, talented, intelligent, and will support their dreams. They want partners that will be willing to stand by them no matter how crazy their dreams may seem.

No man wants to be around someone who is always scrutinizing his plans and looking down on his dreams. Most of us share our dreams with our partners before we share it with anyone else. This is because we expect our partner to be our cheerleader who will believe in our dreams against all odds.

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