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GUYS: If you want to last long in bed, take these 5 things..

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If you want to last long in bed – Sex is pleasurable; it is an essential part of dating. While it may not represent the major reason for being in a relationship, it carries so much weight its presence or absence has the ability to wreck a relationship. Sex, being an important aspect of dating, is an area men particularly love to lord over.


Men by default are egoistic, having a poor sexual performance rubs hard on their ego. Most men love to be in charge; even the calm ones seem to have a different attitude when it comes to sexual escapades.

Men love to display their strengths and show their skills when it comes to sex. It is not only embarrassing to get in the act and spill the beans even before digging deep, it is humiliating for ladies to want more without being able to deliver.

Premature ejaculation not only inhibits the sexual satisfaction of both the man and woman, it withers their zeal for sex until their sex pattern changes.

Men have however grown beyond this limitation. They have found ways to improve their sexual health and prevent premature ejaculation from holding them back.

Find some of the things men take to prevent premature ejaculation:

1. Revnol

Also known as the blue pills, this drug is being used by many men to boost or improve their sexual health. It has also been reported to be used for ladies as it makes them more charged sexually.

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