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Linda Ikeji replies Wizkid, talks about the ‘director who slept with her’ & reveals more Wizkid is hiding

Linda Ikeji replies Wizkid, talks about the 'director who slept with her' & reveals more Wizkid is hidingLinda Ikeji replies Wizkid: Ok, so this is actually making our Sunday! Linda Ikeji just replied Wizzy’s insults (Read all Wizzy said about her here) and actually revealed more we never knew about him.. Below is all she posted few minutes back. Quite revealing, two more things you never knew about Wizzy has been brought to light. “His real age and………” Let’s see if Wizkid will respond to this.


So my darling little ‘friend’ Wizkid came on my IG page this morning to blast me for writing yesterday that he was given quit notice at the Lekki home he claimed he bought some years ago, which he actually rented. He threatened to beat me up…

Called me an ugly old bitch…(I’m ugly? lol) says I don’t have a man (crying over that..) and called my mum a loser…(what a child).

Anyway, all that don’t matter, people have said worse to me…what I wanted to address is the part where he said I slept with his director and he left me in a hotel…that one I will definitely want to address because some people actually believe it. That my dear friends, is a lie!

First and foremost, I’ve never met Wizkid one on one……

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  1. pamilerin says

    Huh, I believe wizkid is saying d truth cus he can't just bring up a lie and start saying it….for Linda, u just making up stories to cover up, we all know what wizkid has achieved at 25.

    1. Fortune says


      1. joy says

        Someone won't call another person ode, or else he his also ode…look at ur silly ass b4 u insult someone..

        1. joy says

          Liv them o, they are illiterates, and while d dogs bark u don't bark along with them, we are humans dear, different from this dogs..

    2. L2d says

      I tot u went to school pamilerin? Not in anyone's side tho cos their live isn't my business, but u shud know anyone can cook up lies for self defense even a 10years old child. Guy na naija we dey.

  2. Jooda says

    Am not a fan of neither of them but I think Wizkid has gone too far on this. A nice response from a mature writer, sorry wizkid don't loose manner because you have money.
    And pamilerin I think you need to attend literature class

    1. pamilerin says

      Hey, they are asking for your comment about the above topic, not to criticize others comment… U should really start from crèche, so u will learn how to understand simple English. #NoticeMe, we av noticed you!!

      1. mee says

        U r a big ode.

        1. pamilerin says

          Lool, e pain am, see ode wey dey call person ode… Oponu oshi, alainironu agbaya!!

      2. valerie says

        Loool, you are no different from wizkid. Receive Brain IJN

    2. ela says

      They r beafing ur success @linda

  3. dumbnerd says

    Old dying witch Linda shut up your old saggy mouth, bitch tryno use reverse psychology in this case, talking bout shit and shit…you took it personal and tryno say 'oh by the way,did I mention'. Bla Bla bla..bitch get a grade and quit fucking politicians for checks….admit it, e dey pain defender.

    1. pamilerin says

      Yes o, I accept with u dear.. U v got sense, not like some bitch ass nigga

  4. teasan says

    Pamilerin, u don't just conclude. You are pained because you like wizkid. The question is don't u know wizkid isn't the owner of the house. Literature is contextually diverse. I guess that's your opinion but try and judge wisely.

    1. pamilerin says

      I understand, but y must d guy talk to me, for crying out loud, we should just comment about the topic, what is dia stupid business with me. thanks.

  5. zuby says

    Dumbnerd can u swear on ur life she fucked a politician. U dnt say wat u ain't sure of.If u cnt make a positive comment,u read nd ignore. Not saying trash abt someone who is beta dan u are.and pami,u shuld also learn to talk.If u know beta,u ought to know u don't have to meddle in oda ppl's affairs as if na u dey arrange men fr her.At least she is an entrepreneur who makes a living blogging. What can u boast of

    1. someone says

      Nice one bro

    2. Jennifer says

      Tell them zuby, wiz kid has suddenly lost his manners because of his wealth.

  6. toyin folashade says

    What so ever wizkid is manner less y on earth will u talk and insult a lady like dat u don't have mother and sister @ home small dog like him

    1. sephina says

      Thank you o.. I never fancied him as a singer and now he has just proven how rude and silly he can be. Just cause your priviledged. Y is he even talking bout his foundation? Who cares?

  7. mood says

    abeg mke wizkid no wait till he see am jo…..mke hin send hin cousin shaps to her aus go beat am on a low….ds linda is vexin me sef……all ds tlk tlk nw for her mind, she tink sey she dn convince person….wch body she dey keep….naso she go dey post pics of anybody eggplant wey she fit find….I sure sey na cucumber she go dey use dey totori hersef for toilet o….woh I no fit tlk too much jare…two of dem can cme nd goan kii dearsef

  8. joe says

    U guys fight every time ,n u Linda if u like wizkid go ahead And Tell him all your post about him has been a hit back to back

  9. joe says

    If u guys like each other jus make arrangements to meet somewhere

  10. joe says

    Una noise too much

  11. yetty says

    I lov u linda, lov ur maturity nd d way u handle matters in a fabulous way. M so thrilled nd will continue to love ur page. Ride on Linda.

  12. ghost says

    What is there to admire? Smh …..

  13. Ige says

    Mr literature ….open a class pls we want to learn…linda is just a cheap poke noser#myview

    1. Ige says

      I think Linda Ikeji needs a personal shopper.her needs are not arranged in order of preference. Feminine wash shld come before shoe n bag!#jst saying. ???

  14. Ige says

    MR Literature ..could u pls open a class and teach ur lit? Linda is jst a old poke noiser #myview

  15. ashleybuby says

    Lol u guys should stay the hell away from their squabbles cause they are grown mature adults who know better not to expose their dirty linens in public much less the social media. To be blunt both of them aren't thinking straight

  16. b10 says

    Linda ikeji….matured idiot. wizkid immature fool.
    Can't both of you for once respect your messed up life

  17. Tokey says

    If wizkid is being childish, shoudn't the older one be more matured. A lot of blame is being put on him but for someone who can't seem to stay out of people's private matters all in the name of Blogging should be ready to receive a stiff one and should take it in her stride. I mean Linda has free-loaded off other people's misfortunes all in the name of blogging not caring for their privacy, putting private and family matters out there for the world to see, has caused irreversible damages to peoples integrity and lives without confirming the Truth to a particular story so long its juicy and would bring traffic to your blog. My question is, are you the only Blogger, must you meddle in other people's private affairs, so why won't a small boy insult and expose you and your family. there's no smoke without fire. If you have left the boy alone he wouldn't have dragged your ancestors into this and you got what you wished for and it's only the beginning. So many scandalous stories about you, from dasukigate to sleeping with married men then this mysterious Director. I think the stories are too much to be a lie. there must be an atom of truth in it. And one thing i realize about this Linda is that when the story hits home or close to it that's when she starts coming to defend herself or lend a word to 'clear' the air. Well i for one know the story of the married man you were dating and got pregnant for. The gist is the relationship went south and what am not sure of is how you got rid of the pregnancy,some said you went the medical way while some said you had a miscarriage when all the wahala got too much. Whichever way my point is Linda's hands are not clean and she should stop selling us on the Holier-than-thou attitude. i mean she clearly encourages the LGBT movement and her sites celebrates the Male member more often than have ever seen any serious minded blogger do, which only shows her inclinations. What of her feud with the so many other celebrities olamide and co. if that's the way she wants to be in the limelight she'll surely get her fingers burnt and until she learns to be serious about her affairs and stop meddling in others she would continue to be insulted until one day it gets to far. I hope by then it won't be too late for her to learn. She should enjoy it all while it lasts though, cause more is definitely coming.

    1. Jamal says

      Nice one

    2. Olawale says

      #word ##NomoreNoless

  18. frank says

    Linda tnx for your maturity…..Wizkid shey nah only you

  19. Tundex says

    Nice one dear

  20. Asiwaju says

    Una two no dey shame

  21. oluwathayur says

    Linda u say ur work na 2write, pls can I ask u 1question, Linda don't u av any gud tin 2write abt dis pole, why only do bad 1s u choose 2write abt? abi u wan tell me say they ain't done any gud b4? or it's u dats neva done anything wrong… . Mrs omni_knowest

  22. Jamal says

    This lady no dey shame at all

  23. ola says

    You all are just making noise…. All na publicity stunt ????

  24. Adelugba olsegun says

    No need washing our dirty cloths outside joor

  25. Williams says

    Most of us loves wizzy's music but his attitude is just way too childish and disrespectful. Epic response from Linda though!

  26. Samuel says

    Hmmm,wat should i say sef, Wizkid life is his life! And linda sef is doing her work but as a blogger i think there is a limit to wat u can post about other people's life…if dem throw am out den is Fine….leave dem,maybe d guy don't like d house again,u say his ous is on hire purchase wetin concern u??is none of ur business,and to wizkid i knw say e pain u,but u went to far insult her mum and all that shit!!! Nah una sabi…#NahwhounaEpp

  27. Jessica says

    Laugh in spanish!!! At d display of childishness from both parties

  28. zahar says

    Craze d suck some pple brain for here neee. Abi dey no sami talk nee mwteeeewww. Thumbs up to linda. Struggles cont dear

  29. ejiro says

    Well I know wizkid is still a baby and this baby boy is getting out of hand….how on earth this small mad man is still staying on a rented apartment wow meaning me and this small boy still DE landlord house or maybe I get monney pass this small boy. Son why are you living a fake life come on grow up and be a man and I know wizkid is not up too 23

    1. nikky says

      U guys here should look for a way ad shout up d lady dont talk like one must she answers whatever wizkid said or dont she no dat she is a woman ad not a man it means dat wizkid is right d way am seeing it now

  30. didi says


  31. Seunfunmi says

    Bt serzly , for me, this is entertainment in another shape… Its fun lol

  32. nuel says

    Asin ehn.. fuck wizkid and Linda

  33. princess says

    Plsssss linda and wizzy u guys should stop all dis….cause una done pass dis ppl and dear friends u guys should just stay off der biff….cos u don't know who's lying or saying the truth……it doesn't matter d age u started making money….we should always be grateful dat God remembered us… wizzy and linda u guys should stop bin proud……

  34. Ola boss says

    Na mumu dey worry two of them. Who una don help ? Make we leave thrash for lawma

  35. pinkiee says

    Like seriously Una noise too much…..

  36. ebi says

    Indeed…ur music will come n go, but her blogging will still remain, wizkid has no respect….none atall…every musician is angry in Nigeria about linda ikejis money,because she nor do runs get am, fellow girls self de vex, na genuine money, bcos most of them did runs….prostitution is on d increase!I'm happy a lady can think outside the box…thumbs up linda

  37. Prince ice says

    Oh boy I missed alot tho..Linda Should address her pride isues too saw her posts abt ,she having a billion $ in her accnt opinion she dsnt need all that..then brother wizkid haba sometimes there's maturity in silence ……

  38. gidberry says

    I think wizkid is too big to contend words with her, perhaps linda is a matured lady and she should take total control of the situation and not let little things tarnish her image. This our celebs self, na God go hlp us oo

  39. banji says

    U must have bin using a sex toy if u say u Neva f anybody recently

  40. Kez adams says

    I think they are in love

  41. olanrewaju says

    Contact me on how to gain admission 200l without writing jamb. So you dnt have to be bothered about your low jamb score or hw you been given advise to withdraw or expelled just call 08137400939 bbm pin 2af1ccbf

  42. Easilot says

    Does it really cos a fight? When de truth of a mater exposed u only fight back for a cover up otherwise u can prove it wrong, so simple.

  43. Kendra says

    You guys shld grow up?

  44. echehenry says

    I tink wizkid is Behaving childish

  45. felix amaka decency says

    Wow. What a matured way of tabling issues. But you guys are more than this settle your beef and movery on. You never can tell who will help each other tomorrow. @wizkidayo and linda ikeji

  46. Mimi says

    Sister Linda, please stop ranting… Go and get a husband and live your life! We don't care if his car is on hire purchase, what I personally care about is the fact that you're old and ugly. Celibacy my ass! Mtcheeeew

  47. precious says

    Who they EPP?

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