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7 MAJOR reasons why guys don’t like dating virgins

3. Super glue nature

A few years back, a friend of mine. Let’s call her Becky (not her real name). She is beautiful with a body to die. She asked me to disvirgin her. No joke. I liked her but being the man that disvirgined a girl I hardly felt anything for scared the hell out of me. I couldn’t. Are my alone in this school of thought? Nope. But why? Simple.

Most virgins are clingy 95% of the time. A girl kept her virginity for so long, the guy that takes it away has to be special to her and when he does, she never forgets him. A lot of girls get clingy and kinda devoted to the guy that takes her virginity.

To prove my point, no girl ever forgets the name of the guy that disvirgined her. Ask around.

So why would a guy in this economic recession be entangled with a girl that can’t stay away from him because she lost her virginity to him? He would ask himself, “why the stress?”

4. Opening the floodgates

Remember Becky from number 3? Yes the girl that begged me to disvirgin her. So she was finally disvigined by another guy and according to her was enjoying sex so much that she had had sex with about 5 guys as of last year. This was a girl that was a virgin for 25 years andin two yearshad done the nasty with 5 other guys. The floodgates have been opened.

I asked myself, so not only would I be the one she would forever remember as her first, I would now have the guilt of opening the door for other men to enter? No way.

Some guys would ask themselves,

“Why the stress?”.



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  1. chibros says

    I don’t really wanna date a virgin….!
    I’ve try that b4, am not gonna try it again,..
    Burden indeed!!

  2. maczee says

    yes my guys… i am facing xame problem to kiss …. her is a big deal to talklee of ……SEX

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