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13 things that can kill you if you smell them

Things that can kill you: Predicting the hour and method of your death is something that humans have been fascinated by for centuries. Some of us would never want to know, while others feel a burning need to see the future. It all has to do with the idea that if you know you are about to die, you can act accordingly– saying goodbye to your loved ones, setting out a will, and so forth. We can’t tell you the future, but we can certainly help you to foresee when death might be imminent.


With the use of your senses, if you are paying attention, you might be able to spot that death is on the way. Some of the examples on this list will give you a matter of seconds to take action if you want to avoid the reaper. Some will give you the chance to seek medical help. For others, there is no way out– death has already claimed you for its own.

Of course, there’s not much cause to worry. Most of us will never smell some of these things, and if we do, it could be for a perfectly innocent reason. But if you do get that whiff in your nostrils, it’s probably worth doing a quick check that the smell is coming from an innocent source.

13. Rotting Fruit 

You might have a bit of trouble smelling this one, because it will be coming from your own body. If your loved ones notice it they should tell you, and then you will need to get yourself to hospital right away. A sweet rotting smell, which has often been likened to the smell of rotting fruit or meat, is a sign that you might have cancer. The smell comes from the fact that the cancer is literally rotting your own cells away. It’s a sign that something really isn’t right inside you, and you should get yourself checked out as soon as possible. Those who have lived with cancer for a long time without treatment are said to give this smell off very strongly, to the point that you may struggle to stay in the same room with them as a result. It’s not something that can be ignored easily.



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