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13 things that can kill you if you smell them

7. Gas

We’ve already covered the smell of deadly mustard gas, but this time we’re referring more to the kind of gas that you might smell if there is a gas leak in the house. This could for example happen if the gas on the stove has been turned on, but not lit. Gas is highly flammable, as we know from the fact that we use it as a source of heat. A gas leak could easily turn into a large-scale explosion, enough to destroy entire houses and turn them into rubble. If you do smell gas, your first thought should be to look for the source, as you may be able to shut it off. If you have no idea of the source or no way to stop it, get outside and far away as soon as possible. Once you are out of immediate range, call the emergency services and report the gas leak. Don’t use your phone inside the area that is polluted with gas, as this could potentially cause a spark and set off the lot.

6. Sulphur

The smell of rotten eggs is one that we are all too familiar with. We often say that smelling sulphur is a sign that a demon is nearby, although of course this is just superstition. In reality, however, smelling sulphur gas could actually be very harmful to you. Besides the fact that it may be flammable, sulphur can cause damage enough on its own. If you inhale it, it can do damage to your lungs, your nose, and your eyes. You may start to cough as soon as you catch the smell, and will go on to have difficulty breathing. It can even burn your skin if you have enough of a concentrated exposure to it. If you get away and get help before you stop breathing, it can still have a long-term effect on your kidneys. If you should catch this smell, try to ascertain the cause immediately.



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