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16 UGLY things Illuminati doesn’t want the world to see – Don’t open if you’re not strong enough

Things Illuminati doesn’t want the world to see: Everyone has seen it – the so-called “All-Seeing Eye”, following the world’s population around, controlling it, not allowing people to live their lives in peace. This beady eye is all-seeing, all-knowing and all-powerful – and it is allegedly the symbol of an influential secret society known as the Illuminati. People may have heard of the concept of the Illuminati, but they cannot be sure whether or not it is the stuff of myth, legend and superstition, or whether this organisation really has infiltrated every aspect of society and controls the population of the world.


Conspiracy theorists would have you believe that the Illuminati is still at large, controlling the world on a global scale due to its presence inside worldwide financial institutions, national governments and even multi-national organisations.

But, if this secret society is as powerful as some people believe, how did it come to gain such a strong and far-reaching influence? Where did the Illuminati originate from and, if it is a secret organisation, how do people actually know about it? Also, what symbols other than the All-Seeing Eye are associated with this secret organisation?

Well, here are 16 mind-blowing facts about the Illuminati that the supposedly secret organisation doesn’t want you to know about…

16. Illuminati Means “The Enlightened Ones”… A Group Who Know More Than The Rest Of Society

Illuminati Hand Gif

The Illuminati likes to keep itself hidden off as a secret group which any outsider cannot infiltrate – and the meaning of the organisation’s name reflects this.

“Illuminati” literally means “enlightened” in Latin – and supposedly contains members who are better informed and more knowledgeable than those are not in the organisation.

Hopefully that information makes you more enlightened, anyway…



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