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10 female jobs that will surely lead to divorce – Run away from #6 with your body, soul and spirit

9. Social Workers

Social workers help bring families together and handle problems in dysfunctional homes. They are often awake late at night working on cases and often have to show up to court to testify as a witness. Social workers are often on-call and have to be there for their clients at inconvenient hours. Women in this profession are the backbone of broken homes and quite often they end up having their own mental health issues to the point of seeing a therapist themselves.

On the bright side, social workers are good listeners and give helpful advice because solving family problems is their forte. What can be unfortunate is if a social worker starts to turn to drugs or alcohol to help muster the energy for another day of work.

An alternative to this career is becoming a professor and teaching about the fundamentals of this profession with real life examples to get your students ready for what’s to come.

Opening your own practice is another way to use your family-building skills to avoid this challenging job. Nobody ever said this career was going to be easy, but there are circumstances that you might see that will change your perspective about life forever.



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